24 February 2014 07:46

NICOSIA - President Anastasiades has called for unity on the domestic front in order to overcome the problems that will arise during the negotiations between the two communities aiming at solving the Cyprus problem.
Addressing an event held on Sunday in Limnatis village in the Limassol District, President Anastasiades said that in the difficult times the country is going through, cooperation and solidarity are a strong shield and a prerequisite for tackling the situation.
He noted that actions on a local and national level should be characterised by cooperation and unity, as regards both the economy and the Cyprus problem.
“We need to join forces because the difficulties we have to face are much bigger than those we have already gone through”, he said.
To this end, he added, “for the umpteenth time, I am urging the political parties to join our forces with the people", noting that "we need the power of unity to overcome problems that will arise at the negotiating table on the Cyprus issue”.
“Our effort requires support. Everyone’s contribution is needed to put an end to the Turkish occupation once and for all”, he said.
The President also said that the support to the struggle for the reunification of the country and the creation of conditions of peaceful coexistence, co-creation, respect and preservation of each other’s national identity should be mutual.
“If 28 EU countries with 28 different nationalities or origins can cooperate, co-create and create prospects for a common future, I am wondering why two communities in the same country can’t achieve that with respect to one another”, he concluded. (CNA)


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