24 February 2014 17:44

There were fears it would eventually happen, but it’s come sooner rather than later. The financial crisis has seen public hospitals struggle with a flood of new patients who can no longer afford private sector health care.
Reports say that the Nicosia General yesterday reached a point of no return as it had to discharge 17 patients on the same day to make room for admissions, some of them involving heart and respiratory incidents.
Doctors at the ER department are warning the health ministry that it’s going to come to a ‘life and death’ situation, as patients who need to be admitted remain at the ER due to lack of beds.
More than 20 patients that require admission are being currently treated at the ER. Dozens more waited for hours until a bed was made available.
With the implementation of the General Health Plan being hotly debated, this is an immediate issue that will now go to the top of the ministry’s agenda.


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