24 February 2014 18:05

Cyprus has taken on the coordination of an innovative European programme called LYNCEUS which deals with safe evacuation of passengers from ships in emergency situations.
Other participants include Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom.
The aim of the LYNCEUS project is to develop a distributed wireless sensor network system that will enable the ship safety officer and team to monitor the location of each passenger for safe evacuation, to monitor in real time the status and spread of the emergency (flood, fire etc) and also provide the engineers with vital information for proper maintenance and optimisation of the ship operation procedures.
In addition, beyond tracking passengers’ exact location aboard the ship, LYNCEUS also places great importance on tracking passengers in the water, by using the revolutionary wireless technology that has been adapted to ‘smart lifejackets’.
Innovative products such as the ‘smart lifejackets’ and ‘smart smoke detectors’ which can track passengers, as well as the miniature sensor networks, radars with integrated UAV operation and advanced ship evacuation systems are only some of the products that will integrate the LYNCEUS technology and can be used in the shipping market after the programme is completed.
The name of the programme derives from Lynceus, who was the son of Aphareus and Arene, and the grandson of Perseus.
He was one of the Argonauts participating in the hunt of the Calydonian Boar. He had preternaturally keen sight, and could even see things that were under the sea.
For more information regarding the programme, visit the website http://www.lynceus-project.eu/


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