25 February 2014 18:41

NICOSIA - Rolling power cuts which started on Tuesday morning as part of protest measures by the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) against government plans to privatise semi governmental organisations have come to an end.
According to Head of the Transmission System Operator (TSO) Christos Christodoulides the EAC has now relinquished enough power to cover the energy needs of the entire island.
“Power will now be uninterrupted for the rest of the day.”
The EAC began threatening strike action after the government pledged to the Troika to pass a bill to implement the gradual privatisation of the EAC, the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (Cyta) and the Cyprus Ports Authority by March 5.
The Troika’s €10 billion bailout deal with Cyprus last year foresees the privatisation of the above semi-government organisations by 2018.
An announcement is expected over whether power cuts will continue on Wednesday.


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