02 March 2014 16:37

 The first of its kind Inline Skate School has recently opened in Limassol. Owner Michael Rivers believes that Limassol is the recreational sporting capital of Cyprus and it was only a matter of time before someone introduced inline skating in a big way.
“I truly believe the time is right to promote Inline skating in Limassol. The opening of the Limassol cycle lane and recent cycling boom, plus the number of runners you now see running along the sea front, as well as all the other sports exploding across Limassol is so very exciting. And when you think that almost every major city in Europe has a Friday night street skate where thousands turn up to skate the city street assisted with the free support of the local police, it’s now my goal to see this happen in Limassol.”
Rivers has taken professional private classes in London for many years learning from some of the best local professional Inline skaters.
He has always dreamt of passing on what he learnt by opening a skate school; and so he did in Limassol which has been his home for over three years now.
“With the regeneration of Molos area, we now have a skater’s paradise just metres from the sea. I have been Inline skating for over ten years and I am very passionate about the sport. Its health and fitness benefits are immense as well as it being one of the most fun workouts anyone could try. Best of all it’s outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air!”
The new Molos skate park is more for so-called aggressive skating and skate boarding and not that much for the Inline skating. “The type of skating we teach is different to this, ours is more fitness based recreational skating. Aggressive skates are designed specifically for ramps and half pipes, not for long distance fitness street skating which is what we teach.
“However we were thrilled to see the new skate park being built and it’s fantastic to see so many kids now enjoying outdoor sports instead of sitting at home on computer games.”
Other than weekend classes to both kids and adults, the school offers advice on where to buy the best Inline skates in Cyprus, help with changing Inline skate wheels and bearings, Inline skate repairs and servicing, a 10% off for the Limassol Sports Massage and discounts on Oakley and Maui Jim sunglasses. It also hosts night skates as well as Inline skate rentals.
Even though he enjoys teaching both kids and adults he is very happy when parents bring their children for classes. “It’s a sport that is so much easier to learn at a younger age, and I know how much it will benefit the children in later years as a great way to keep fit and to enjoy the outdoors.”
For more info visit www.limassolskateschool.com, Facebook Limassol Skate School or call Michael at 95 508007.


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