04 March 2014 14:24

A desert sand storm from Egypt has been affecting the Eastern Mediterranean since Thursday is not expected to subside until at least this evening, according to the Met Office.
Dust levels all over Cyprus were off the charts, up to five times the normal levels.
The atmosphere is particularly harmful to people with long term respiratory issues, children and the elderly.
The labour ministry has issued repeated warnings in the past couple of days for people to avoid going out as much as possible.
Small dust particles are causing discomfort, including difficulty breathing, headaches, red skin, allergies and rashes.
Those working outside must wear protective gear and take all other necessary precautions.
Experts say the phenomenon is more acute than previous years and is lingering much longer than expected, possibly due to changes in climatic conditions.
Meteorologists are predicting thunderstorms later today that will, hopefully, clear the atmosphere.


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