05 March 2014 13:08

 Semi-government trade unions vowed last night to keep up the pressure on the government following the House’s approval of the privatisation bill.
Yesterday’s vote on an amended version of a bill that failed to pass through last week came just a day before today’s deadline set by the Troika.
The government had warned that failing to approve the legislation would put the country at risk of bankruptcy in the next couple of months.
This morning, unions representing workers at the Electricity Authority of Cyprus and the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority will meet to decide on how to proceed.
Unions representing Cyprus Ports Authority employees, meanwhile, are awaiting a decision by their umbrella organisation, the Cyprus Federation of Independent Trade Unions expected over the coming days.
Indications so far point to unions choosing the route of legal action.
EAC’s Sidikek Peo representative Demetris Constantinou yesterday noted unions had already sought the advice of former Attorney Generals Alecos Markides and Kriton Tornaritis.


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