06 March 2014 11:38

Former central bank governor Christodoulous Christodoulou yesterday claimed to be the victim of a slanderous media campaign after news articles once again linked him with an ongoing money laundering investigation.
“I have become the target of slanderous sycophants when I am an honest and sincere man who is not afraid to look anyone in the eye,” said Christodoulou in a statement.
He said “others” should be ashamed of their actions and maintained that he is innocent of the accusation publicised in the media.
The former bank boss was referring to an article in Politis newspaper that claimed his home was searched by police as part of a probe into a suspicious transfer of €1million into his daughter’s company’s account from a Greek shipping firm.
According to the article, after securing search warrants, Financial Crime Unit officers raided Christodoulou’s home last Friday where they seized several computers, portable hardrives, memory sticks and documentation for examination.
Officers also searched Christodoulou’s daughter’s home and the home of her former husband as part of the investigation.
The paper claims the raids are directly linked with the probe into the 2007 transfer of €1m.
Police were asked to assist in an investigation into suspected money laundering launched by the Greek authorities in June last year after investigators spotted the suspicious cash transfer to A.C. Christodoulou Consultants Ltd, of which Athina Christodoulou was the registered director at the time, from Focus Maritime.
A police spokesman was unable to comment on the investigation saying only that it is still in progress.
He served as Finance Minister under president Glafcos Clerides from November 1994 until March 1999 and was central bank governor from 2002 until 2007.


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