06 March 2014 15:51

The University of Cyprus' Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences on Wednesday added its voice against a bill opening the way for three-year undergraduate courses at state universities.
State universities currently offer four-year Bachelor degree programmes with Disy MP George Tasou suggesting that government funds could be bolstered by reducing their length to three years, as is the practice in some countries including the UK.
The faculty "expressed its extreme concern over the submission to the House Education Committee of a proposal on the enactment of three-year university degrees" adding that the length of an undergraduate course "has multi-dimensional implications".
 "The University of Cyprus has an obligation to train young professionals to be adequately trained for the modern, strongly competitive workplace," it added. The board said that experiences around the world including Cyprus proved that basic academic qualifications were no longer enough to ensure fitting positions in the workplace and a successful professional career.
Reducing credits to fit in with a shorter time period would inevitably lead to a drop in quality, it argued.
Left-wing students have demonstrated against the proposal.


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