06 March 2014 17:23

Approximately 30 licensed waste transporters staged a demonstration in Larnaca on Thursday in protest against the Interior Ministry’s decision to dispose solid waste at a former quarry in Stavrovouni instead of the Tersefanou site.
According to their representative Andreas Andreou, the change in location increases the cost from €50 to €150 for every skip of solid waste that is disposed due to the distance and cost of fuel. He said people will no longer be able to afford the charge and will dispose of their waste in rivers and streets.
He also pointed out that the cost for disposal at Tersefanou site is €11 per ton as opposed to €17.50 at Stavrovouni, while the Solid Waste Management Department at the Ministry of Interior has asked transporters to separate the recyclable materials for Stavrovouni and no further instructions have been given for the disposal of the remaining waste.
Larnaca Mayor Andreas Louroutziatis expressed his support for the demonstrators and pointed out that the municipality would also be burdened with extra costs if the Tersefanou site is closed down.


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