07 March 2014 12:00

 The Troodos campsite is set to reopen this summer after its closure nearly two years ago due to illegal constructions that raised serious health and safety concerns on the site.
According to Minister of Interior Socratis Hasikos, the Troodos Community Council wishes for the campsite to open to the public again in June but this time under strict rules and regulations to protect the interest of all visitors.
The authorities have periodically sent warnings out to the campers.
Many of whom permanently live on the site and have over the years built permanent fixtures made of wood and concrete around tents as well as caravans and trailers, which are not allowed on site.
Caravans and tents were converted into makeshift houses filled with sinks and fenced-off gardens that expanded well over the designated areas. Complaints were also made over visitors digging up holes to use as toilets and dogs being brought on site against regulations.
“Campers were requested by the council on September 20, 2011 to vacate their trailers from the site and dismantle illegal constructions which were causing operational problems and creating a safety hazard,” said Hasikos.
He added that after campers refused to comply with the order, the council on April 30, 2012 decided to temporarily shut down the site and vacate the premises in order to revamp the communal facilities and bring the camp into line with EU regulations.
“Unfortunately the refusal of a large number of campers to leave the site has caused huge delays in the entire process.”
The minister noted that after several more threats of legal action from the council, now 111 of the original 121 camping spaces have been vacated.
“The remaining spots will be vacated once the weather is better and the work will be finished to ensure the site is ready for the summer.”
The campsite, according to Hasikos, has already undergone a clean-up while the majority of illegal structures have been removed at a cost of €25,000.


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