09 March 2014 08:27

Education Minister Kyriacos Kenevezos on Friday  outlined the aims of a network against violence at schools.
Although formed at the start of the year, the network's official operation began on Friday with the minister noting that, in the interim, more agencies had shown interest in participating.
"The main aim of forming the network, as set out by the members themselves, is to strengthen the efforts of all the agencies in the fight against violence at school.
As a first step, the aim of informing Cypriot society and making it aware of the phenomenon of violence at school was set," the minister said.
He argued recognising incidents of violence would lead to their being handled and support provided to the children involved.
Kenevezos said, the Observatory on School Violence had created a three-part information pack on schoolyard violence including bullying as well as the work the Observatory is carrying out and the support available to children, teenagers and adults.
"To prevent and handle social problems and violence in particular, the Education Ministry supports and strengthens schools through a variety of services and programmes."
Kenevezos said, soon relevant departments of the police, child and youth mental health services, parent, teacher and other organisations will be included.
The minister said that, although the road of tackling schoolyard violence was a long one, this was a battle that would be fought with persistence.


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