11 March 2014 10:40

 NICOSIA -- Snow is expected to return to the Troodos mountain peaks on Tuesday and Wednesday, with rain and isolated storms forecast for the rest of the country.
A Meteorological Service official told The Cyprus Daily on Monday that temperatures will be below the norm for the season but only slightly so and not expected to fall below 15° C in comparison to the 18°C average for this time of year.
The forecast for Tuesday is inland temperatures of up to 16°C inland and on the north and west coasts and 17° C on the south and east coasts along with rain and the possibility of isolated showers. The maximum temperature in the mountains for today is forecast to be 6°C, accompanied by snowfall.
More rain is expected on Thursday and Friday, the Meteorological Service officer said, along with the possibility of isolated storms.
The rain will be welcome with Meteorological Service statistics putting March’s rainfall until yesterday at only 24% of the usual for the period in spite of heavy rains earlier this month which even led to the flooding of parts of Paphos.
Nevertheless, this is still one of the driest winters on record with dam capacity at only 50.5%.


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