12 March 2014 07:36

 Health Ministry Press Office officer Demetris Constantinou on Tuesday confirmed that a third person in Cyprus this year had died of A (H1N1) flu.
In statements to the Cyprus News Agency (CNA,) Constantinou said the person had a medical history of poor health and multiple health problems and reassured the general public that there was no need for panic.
The official also said that six other serious cases had been diagnosed over the past 15 days, raising the total to 26 since the start of the year.
There has, however, been a gradual drop in case numbers, expected as the season progresses, Constantinou added.
Two other people had died as a result of the flu by February 25 and 20 serious cases confirmed by that same date.
At the time Constantinou said that, since this type of flu is spread in the same way as other varieties, the public was advised to take the usual precautions and avoid contact with others if they become ill.
He said the symptoms of A (H1N1) flue were identical to those of other types. They include a sudden fever, coughing, excessive build-up of thick phlegm or mucus, sore throat, headache, shivering, fatigue, muscle pain, diarrhoea, and vomiting.
A (H1N1) is a new type of flu that emerged in 2009, made up of ordinary flu, avian flu and swine flu in a combination that had not been found before, meaning large parts of the world’s population are not yet immune.


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