12 March 2014 14:20

Head of the Central Elections Service of the Ministry of Interior Demetris Demetriou said yesterday that 63,500 deceased Cypriots who died before 2000 are still listed on the population records and not the electoral register, as was originally been reported.
According to Demetriou, the population records face a number of problems as the way they were developed did not allow correct updates on deaths, due to the lack of identity numbers on death certificates.
As a result, the record currently shows that there are 755,147 Greek Cypriots over the age of 18 who are alive, of who 63,500 are over 100 years old, Demetriou explained.
He also mentioned that during elections it seemed that certain people had been ‘resurrected’ after being falsely registered as deceased, while during the last presidential elections two citizens who were recorded as deceased and had been deleted from the electoral roll turned up to vote.
Meanwhile, Interior Minister Socratis Hasikos said Demetriou has been misunderstood during a House Interior Committee meeting. He said the issue does not affect the electoral rolls or have any financial or administrative cost for the government.
Hasikos noted that there had been a problem with the updating of the population record prior to the implementation of the system in 2000 as a result of the lack of identity numbers of death certificates which did not allow information from the death records to be transferred correctly.
However, the problem has been resolved following the implementation of the population record system in 2000, he added.
The minister said the situation will be resolved as the information is being cross-referenced with the death records at the Social Insurance department to update the information.
With regards to the electoral roll, Hasikos stressed that it has already been checked and that 2,289 citizens who were listed on the roll but had died prior to December 31, 2000 have been located and their deaths are currently being registered on the population records in order to automatically remove them from the electoral register.


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