14 March 2014 07:57

The Paphos branch of the Cyprus association of hoteliers (PASYXE) is promoting a new policy aimed at implementing a revolutionary programme for the environmental management of waste from hotel units.

A proposal by Paphos hoteliers and the local authorities for EU funding was submitted to the Environment department, while PASYXE special advisers are confident that the programme is feasible and that it will be promoted as it can only have benefits for the hotel industry as well as local communities.
This is the first time that the implementation of such a recycling system has been attempted in Cyprus, although they operate with great success abroad, according to an announcement.
The successful implementation of the programme requires training of hotel staff in order to learn the correct separation of kitchen waste, leftovers, clean food portions, peels and rotting fruit and vegetables, as well as garden waste such as leaves and lawn trimmings.
The waste will be collected and transported in processing units and can be used to produce various products such as compost soil, electricity, animal food for farms, as well as cat and dog food.
Any leftover food which was not used in the buffets will be stored in fridge-freezers and offered to those in need under the strict supervision of the state's public health services.


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