13 March 2014 18:12

An artificial reef is being created in Moulia, aiming to strengthen diving tourism in the Paphos district.
The announcement was made by Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment Nikos Kouyialis after a meeting in Paphos.
 "New research carried out in the marine area selected indicates there are no problems and we therefore announce the creation of this reef," he said, adding that the works will start very soon in order for the project to be delivered to municipalities before the summer of 2015.
This project, "is part of our policy for blue growth, we want to utilise our marine wealth in order to diversify our tourist product, to lengthen the tourist season and to support livelihoods in local communities," he said.
According to the Minister of Agriculture, the issue of the Cultural Capital of Europe 2017 also preoccupied the meeting. "We believe the Paphos 2017 is a prime opportunity to promote and showcase the beauty of this region and to attract as many tourists in this area as possible," he added.
The matter of silos and the needs to remove them from the Anavagros district was also discussed. Kouyialis said that there was will, on his behalf, to find a solution.
"Definitely the solution must satisfy all, as well as the farmers who need silos to do their job but also to address the problem posed in that area which is environmental," he said.
The Minister of Agriculture renewed the appointment of Paphos stakeholders in a month to discuss the issue, which, as he said, the Grain Commission will also attend.
Kouyialis described his visit to Paphos as constructive, during which he met with 13 communities and four municipalities.
"What I want to emphasise is that the vision and policy of the Ministry is to become a development ministry. Our goal is to make it easier for municipalities and prepare, mature and integrate these very important projects to benefit co-financing and create the necessary development they want in the region," he added.
He expressed his satisfaction in serving the Ministry of Agriculture, noting however that if the President wishes to remove him, he will continue from another portfolio but with the same zeal.
On his part, the Mayor of Paphos, Savvas Vergas, expressed his satisfaction with Kouyialis' announcement, adding that the project would be financed and will be ready before the summer of 2015.
Very soon, he said, they would go ahead with the process of finding the ship and as well as the financing of the project.
Vergas also said that he had submitted the "works of Paphos 2017 and projects which the Paphos Municipality holds a priority to integrate into the Structural Funds 2014-2020 as well as the requests of specific green development projects and the removal of the silo area in ‚Äč‚ÄčAnavargos".


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