14 March 2014 14:57

The House Plenum on Thursday voted in favour of opening the way for Turkish Cypriots living in the occupied areas to vote in the upcoming Euro elections.
Turkish Cypriots living in the government-controlled areas will have to go through the same registration procedures as Greek Cypriots and members of the other communities.
Turkish Cypriots living in the occupied areas will be automatically registered but must also be holders of the new, EU-friendly Cypriot identity cards and be willing to sign a sworn-statement confirming their place of residence when they arrive at polling stations.
Turkish Cypriots living in the free areas will be able to vote in exactly the same way as Greek Cypriots on May 25.
The deadline for registration is Wednesday, April 2, and the deadline for submission of candidacies is Friday, May 2.
The government is to set up overseas voting booths in nine big cities of Greece, in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Leeds, and in Brussels.
Cyprus elects six members to the European Parliament and the electoral system is based on proportional representation. 
Yesterday's vote saw 18 MPs approve in favour and one against while there were 26 abstentions.


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