15 March 2014 15:30

A Facebook page promoting Cyprus found itself under fire yesterday after posting a photo visitors recognised as being of a natural landmark on the Maltese island of Gozo.

According to the website of the organisation which created the Facebook page, HeartCyprus.com, it is "a private, commercial website and is not affiliated with any governmental entity".
Defending the photo of the famous Azure Window and Blue Hole in Gozo, which is entitled 'Two worlds come together,' the administrators said: "The title itself signifies that "two worlds come together" in this picture, referring to the beautiful island of Malta (at the top of the picture) and our lovely island of Cyprus (at the bottom)."
However, the Cypriot photographer who took the shot also took to the comments board to clarify "I would like to confirm that it was indeed taken in Gozo, Malta."
Pantelis Kranos, an amateur photographer, added that while he was certain the website had not wanted to mislead its visitors he "immediately wanted to clear up any confusion" on learning about the post.
Also, in comments to The Cyprus Daily, Kranos said that he had taken the photo in one shot and not digitally manipulated it in any way.
He had put his work, much of which features Cyprus, at the disposal of the website's administrators, he said but also expressed the hope the photo in question would soon be removed from the page.
Some 1,303 Facebook users had liked the photo by 5pm yesterday and it had garnered 170 comments, most of which however, pointed out that the photo was of a location in Malta and not Cyprus.
Maltese news website www.timesofmalta.com also reported the blunder.



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