16 March 2014 16:36

Although the event is still set to go ahead this year with Mozart’s popular ‘Così fan tutte,’ the Paphos Aphrodite Festival’s viability will be up for discussion during its organisers’ March 28 general meeting.
Speaking to reporters earlier this week, Paphos Mayor and chairman of the Paphos Aphrodite Festival Savvas Vergas said that while he considered the opera festival, now in its 16th year, to be successful, the general meeting would include discussion on funds still owed to the organisation by sponsors and the reduction in state subsidies.
Vergas also said the organisation had debts amounting to €700,000 which, however, he noted would be covered by municipal funds. There had also been the €300,000 expense of purchasing new stands he noted
A reduction in the €300,000 state subsidy and other consequences of the economic crisis had led to a €218,000 deficit last year even though the 2013 work was considered to be cheaper to produce than many of its predecessors.
Phileleftheros reported that the Paphos authorities were battling over whether to further cut down the festival with some saying it was no longer as commercially-viable as it used to be.
Così fan tutte will be performed on September 5, 6 and 7 at the Medieval Castle in co-production with the Opera Futura from Verona. 
Visit www.pafc.com.cy for more information.


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