15 March 2014 15:31

The Sirius Dog Sanctuary at Moni will be hosting its monthly dog walk on Sunday. Given the overcrowded conditions at the shelter the dog walk is considered an opportunity for the over 200 dogs housed at the shelter to enjoy the outdoors or even be adopted.
“Dogs get a chance to stretch their legs, socialise with people and be seen, which may not happen when they are in their kennel,” Marianna Philippidou, Sirius Dog Sanctuary Media spokesperson told The Cyprus Weekly.
An average of 100 people usually participate in the event, meaning that some people need to walk two dogs at the same time. Proceeds from the event usually reach €1,000, which is used to cover medical bills or any other priority at the time.
Meanwhile, the Book Worm Sunday, another Sirius Sanctuary fundraising event will be taking place next Sunday.
Books are donated by Sirius supporters and a book sale takes place at In Theory bar at Saripolou Square.
Sirius Dog Sanctuary is home to more than 200 stray dogs that have been abandoned in Cyprus. The sanctuary is run by a group of volunteers, without any government funding, relying on charitable donations from the public.
If you are interested in donating books for the book sale, please call the Sirius Dog 97780779.


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