17 March 2014 09:37

Hobby chef and photographer Mary Anglberger is launching on Saturday her first cookery book, titled “On Healthy Cooking - Quinoa, Chard & Co made easy”.
Well-known as the host of Mary’s Dinner Clubs at her Limassol house, Anglberger presents hassle- and gluten-free recipes that have already gained popularity with her dinner guests.
“The recipes use healthy ingredients, but most importantly they are easy to make. The idea is that if people already make the effort to cook healthy, the recipes should be simple and quick,” explained Mary.
Ingredients such as quinoa, buckwheat, oats, eggs and rice noodles were chosen by dietician Tina Christoudias-Spyrou, whom Mary had hosted as a speaker at one of her Dinner Clubs.
“Tina as a nutritionist explained what ingredients to use, and I explain how to cook these ingredients in simple ways,” explained Mary.
Mary has been hosting the ‘Dinner Clubs’ at her Limassol house since 2011 with great success. “Since I started the Dinner Clubs I have hosted a total of 1500 people at my house.
“It is very rewarding to connect people, but also great for networking; the Dinner Clubs and guest speakers are also hosted in my blog and Facebook page.”
The cookbook began as a small booklet handed out to guests at one of the Dinner Clubs and evolved through the encouragement of career coach Arthur Magoulianiti, who urged Mary to publish her recipes. In addition to writing the book, Mary has also taken all the photographs featured in it.
Professional photographer Vassos Stylianou mentored Mary in food photography and helped with designing and printing her book.
The book launch will take place on Saturday, at 6pm at the 6x6 Center for Photography, 19, Ipeirou St, 3040 Limassol.
For more information visit Mary’s Facebook page athttps://www.facebook.com/marys.dinnerclubslimassol or email her at info@marysblog.org.


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