17 March 2014 20:09

 The Green Party is concerned about information that government are authorities under pressure not to declare a Venetian bridge as an ancient monument.
During road works around the old bridge in the Kato Milos area, on the borders of the Kalopanayiotis and Oikou Marathasas communities, it was revealed that the bridge is much older than was originally thought.
Specifically, it appears that the bridge dates back to the Venetian era and was only widened in more recent times.
An announcement from the Green Party described the bridge as a “wonderful building, a typical representation of a stoned built bridge by traditional craftsmen, who made buildings that have withstood time and rejoice us today”.
The announcement continued: “It is particularly interesting to us because it seems to be a building of the same period as at least two other bridges in the area, the Venetian bridge in Orkontas (at the entrance of the Marathasa valley) and the bridge of Ayios Ioanni tou Lampadisti in Kalopanayiotis.”
The announcement explains that it seems that there seems to be pressure from local agents who want the bridge to be “buried” under concrete in order to be able to accommodate tankers which will be used by adjacent installations to produce drinking water.
“As the Green Party, we are not against the needs of the local community, but in no case will we accept to do this at the expense of our cultural heritage and the area’s character.
“We welcome the position of the Community Council of Oikou Marathasa who wrote to the Deputy Director of the Department of Antiquities requesting it to preserve the cultural richness of the area. We hope that the same will be done by the Community Council of Kalopanayiotis,” they added.
The party also urged the Department of Antiquities to examine the case objectively, ignoring pressure and interference from people who have self-interest.
“We ask for this bridge and the bridge in Orkonta to be declared as ancient monuments.
“We also call the Department of Public Works to consider alternatives in order to be able to serve the needs of heavy vehicles crossing the area.”


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