19 March 2014 09:24

NICOSIA -- Tourism bookings from Russia have stalled as a result of the crisis in the Ukraine, the chairman of the Association of Cyprus Travel Agents (ACTA) Victor Mantovanis said on Tuesday.
“From what we can see now there is a stagnation in bookings the past weeks which is due to the crisis in the Ukraine, but also to the fall in the value of the rouble, and of course we are concerned,” Mantovanis told The Cyprus News Agency.
He said there had been a significant increase in bookings from Russia of 20% up until three weeks ago, but this can be cancelled out over the last few weeks, bringing booking to last year’s levels.
“We still do not have a drop in bookings, but if this trend continues we soon will,” he added.
The situation was not as good as had initially been thought. “Where everything looked rosy as regards tourism now there is uncertainty,” he said.
But Mantovanis said the situation could be reversed, since Russian tourists tend to book late, many of them just one or two weeks before they travel.
Some 600,000 Russian tourists visited Cyprus in 2013, up from 474.426 το 2012. Cyprus was anticipating 700,000 – 750,000 in 2014, but this may be eroded by the crisis in Ukraine.


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