20 March 2014 15:25

Recent Health Service checks have uncovered that some 565 of the 2,790 drinking water samples taken were "unsatisfactory".
The authorities, however, have reassured the public their health is not in any danger and that any worsening in the presence of dangerous levels of coliform bacterium would be quickly uncovered through daily checks.
Taps providing water to army camp kitchens, kindergarten and primary school yards, hospitals, retirement homes, private houses, hotels and even town halls were among those found with unsatisfactory levels, according to a report released earlier this month and covering the period between January and June 2013.
Commenting on the findings, Health Services director Christos Christou told Politis newspaper that if a water supply was found to be unsatisfactory, the local authorities were immediately notified to take action such as replacing faulty pipes or disinfecting specific sections.
He said checks on school supplies began in August ahead of their September opening so that any problems could be dealt with immediately and that particular attention was also paid to army camps.
The drinking water coming out of taps was rigorously checked before reaching consumers, Christou added.
The checks are used to locate the presence of escherichia coli amongst other bacteria.


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