21 March 2014 08:55

Procedures are underway to declare a bridge in Kalopanayiotis an ancient monument, the Ministry of Communications said on Wednesday.

Responding to media reports that the bridge was to be demolished for traffic reasons, the ministry said the Department of Antiquities has already evaluated the bridge and was in the process of promoting it as an Ancient Monument. The Department of Public Works has already reassesed the proposed traffic regulation and has designed works to improve the main Kalopanayiotis-Orkontas  road in order to avoid traffic passing by the stone bridge.
The matter arose when work by the Public Works Department to support a stone arched bridge dating to colonial times near Kalopanayiotis and Oikos  to allow the passage of heavy vehicles led to the discovery of an older bridge of particular interest, probably dating to the late Venetian period. Located on a part of the old Oikos-Kalopanayiotis road no longer in use, the bridge is thought to have had additions made under the British. Work to strengthen the bridge was promoted under traffic regulations for use of part of the old road for tank vehicles carrying water, to bypass Kalopanayiotis. The Department of Antiquities in cooperation with the Department of Public Works will proceed with works to protect and enhance the monument.
Groundwork for Admin Court examined
A number of legal framework changes that must be made prior to the creation of an Administrative Court were examined yesterday by the Minister of Justice.
Speaking to the media following a meeting with Supreme Court judges, Ionas Nicolaou said the amendments will be presented to the House Legal Affairs Committee on Wednesday before they are put to the plenary.
"The Supreme Court Judges have expressed their wish that the law is amended as a matter of urgency so there is sufficient time to select the judges who will work at the Administrative Court before it launches in September."
Before the new court is able to operate, amendments must be made to the constitution to allow it to take on some of the duties currently handed by the Supreme Court, namely tax and asylum cases.
Nicolaou added that the ministry has consulted with the Supreme Court, the Legal Services and the Cyprus Bar Association over the matter.
"We have decided on a number of changes, some small and some big, that must be made before the new court can operate," concluded the minister.
The new admin court will operate within the Supreme Court in Nicosia and will be made up of five judges.  Legal professional have for years complained that the judicial system is impeded by chronic under staffing and will soon reach crisis point if measures are not taken.  
The Admin Court is expected to slash the times it takes cases to be tried by easing the load on the Supreme Court.


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