22 March 2014 11:00

Acclaimed San Francisco multicultural hip hop group Audiopharmacy will be performing at the University of Cyprus' Kallipoleos campus on Saturday evening.
The concert, which has free entrance, begins at 6pm.
Audiopharmacy consists of multicultural band members who are dedicated to creating an eclectic blend of live world instrumentation, turntable scratches, and conscious, thought-provoking lyrics.  Although Hip-Hop continues to be a strong foundation, what makes this music truly unique is how the voices and sounds of many world cultures are fused together into the signature Audiopharmacy sound.
Teao (producer / multi-instrumentalist/turntablist) believes that art/music, has the power to inspire, educate, and heal. As a producer, he naturally gravitated towards veering away from any one style in order to achieve originality. Stylistically, his musical influences include turntablism, world hip hop, dub, reggae, middle eastern, Latin, and soul music.
Ras K'dee (vocals and keys) is a native California (Pomo)/African musician, community educator, and renowned lyricist, producer, and lead vocalist/keyboardist.
Translating artistically through hip-hop rhymes and soulful melodies, K'dee invokes the songs and dances from traditional ceremonies of his native people, and tells stories of resistance, healing, community and empowerment that can be understood and felt universally by all people.
K'dee has also been featured in Smithsonian Magazine (Summer 2010) and his awards include KQED American Indian Local Heroes Award, and Most Earnest and Up and Coming Band (2005). K'dee has toured locally and internationally with Audiopharmacy for six consecutive years.
Keepyahjoy (bass guitar) picked up the instrument at a young age through the inspiration of his father. Starting out learning classic rock, Motown and jazz music, his musical journey took a turn at the age of 15 when he was inspired by the faith and spirituality of the way of the Rastafari tradition. Reggae, dub and hiphop music now channeled his life and assisted in the build-up of creating music with a sense of purpose and reason.
Ras Kwome (drummer) was born in 1980 into a family where music was as essential to life as food, water, air, and spirituality. 
Playing drums at an early age, he worked hard to emulate Carlton Barret - the drummer for Bob Marley & the Wailers.  Ras Kwome learned early that his destiny was to continue the musical work that his father, Ras Ibeshee, began with one of the most treasured bands from the US Virgin Islands - The Zioneers. 
With the Zioneers, Ras Kwome has toured Puerto Rico, New Orleans, Chicago, California, North Carolina, Boston, Virginia, Florida, and Hawaii.
The talented Pasha Brown (lyricist & emcee) also contributes to the Audiopharmacy experience by playing programmed drums and samplers (Abelton, SP 404), as well as queuing lights (Module 8) to enhance the set. 
With Pasha introducing technological advancements- in both video and audio productions to the set- the band is aiming to bring the show to a new dimension in entertainment and education.
While keying the eye candy, Pasha plays in flawless swing with the rest of the group. 
The combination of vintage acoustics and electronic programming bring Audiopharmacy to the forefront of new sound and sights. 


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