22 March 2014 13:59

NICOSIA - Defence Minister Tasos Mitsopoulos remains in extremel;y critical condition after suffering an extensive brain haemorrhage, with doctors saying on Saturday morning that that his condition was showing deterioration and  was irreversible. Family and friends are at the hospital, while President Anastasiades flew back early from Brussels on Friday evening to visit the minister.
Mitsopoulos collapsed in his office at around 10am Friday morning and was rushed to Nicosia General Hospital where a team of neurosurgeons led by Dr Akis Lambrou inserted an intra-cerebral catheter to regulate intracranial pressure.
The minister was intubated and remained in critical condition at the hospital’s intensive care unit, as a team of doctors from Israel and head of neurosurgery at Ygeia hospital in Athens Dr Alexandros Andreou arrived to consult with their counterparts at NGH.
Speaking to reporters yesterday afternoon, doctors said that the haemorrhage also caused Mitsopoulos to suffer a heart attack which has led to complications in his treatment.
“A team of medical experts from our neurosurgical department is taking every measure to ensure the patient receives the best treatment possible. His condition is extremely serious and we will only make announcements when necessary,” Lambrou said.
A planned House Defence Committee meeting that was scheduled for Friday was also cancelled, as politicians and other officials rushed to the hospital to support his family and get an update on Mitsopoulos’ health.
Political parties and MPs yesterday expressed their support for the minister and his family while thousands of people took to social media to extend their wishes and prayers for his recovery.
“Out thoughts are with Tasos Mitsopoulos and we hope that he wins this battle for life. We wish courage to his family and stand by them in this time of need,” Akel said in an announcement.
Mitsopoulos, 48, was born in Larnaca on May 30, 1965 and is married to Katerina Vati. He has a son and a daughter.
From 1989 to 1993 he served as Special Advisor to the Greek Foreign Ministry and was Director at current Greek Foreign Minister of Dimitris Avramopoulos’ office from 1993-1995.
He also served as a Disy MP and was party spokesman from 1999 to 2008.
Mitsopoulos was a representative of the Larnaca constituency of Disy from 2006 to 2013 when he was appointed Communications Minister by the Anastasiades administration.
He was relocated to the Defence Ministry last week when the Cabinet was reshuffled following the departure of the Diko from the coalition government.


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