24 March 2014 09:45

An Internal Audit Service report on the use and misuse of state vehicles includes the suggestion Global Positing System (GPS) tracking devices are installed on them.
The service, according to its report, believes the devices will help ensure those with the cars at their disposal use them only for official purposes and not personal errands. They would, if the service suggestion is implemented, even be installed on the luxury vehicles used by high-ranking officials.
The tracking devices will also make it easier to better coordinate fleets while monitoring fuel use per vehicle and department and uncovering if drivers have been carrying out offences such as speeding.
It is also thought the system will no longer make it necessary for the users of the vehicle to manually fill out forms documenting their use and routes as these will be automatically recorded.
Responding to concerns that the privacy of the car users would be violated by the GPS installation, Commissioner for the Protection of Personal Data Yiannos Danielides said he did not anticipate a violation as long as the devices were used, not to allow employers to monitor employees' every move, but instead to ensure the better operation of the public service.
The service report studied the use of 5,748 vehicles used in the public sector including police cars and fire engines, fearing their misuse was costing the state millions of euros.
Other report suggestions included the leasing of cars instead of the current outright purchasing process and giving preference to eco-friendly vehicles.


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