24 March 2014 13:50

Police appear to be hot on the trail of a highly-organised drug ring after raiding a Yermasoyia warehouse and finding quantities of cannabis and cocaine with a combined street value of €1 million.
Limassol District Court yesterday remanded a 39 year-old Cypriot man for eight days in connection to the case after police officers staking out the building saw him enter it. He was apprehended with two kilos of cannabis on his person while police also found four small suitcases containing more drugs at the scene. The bags contained 46 packages totalling 48 kilos and 611 grams of cannabis and 1 kilo and 893 grams of cocaine.
The investigating officer also told the court that the 39 year-old has admitted to hiding the drugs in his employer's warehouse but would not cooperate further beyond saying: "I did something stupid, I regret it."
He now faces charges of conspiracy to commit a crime as well as illegally importing and possessing with the intent of selling class A and B pharmaceuticals.
Also found in the suspect's car, meanwhile, were four mobile phones and as many SIM cards. The police have asked for court permission to examine the SIM cards  and will also be reviewing airport footage based on the baggage tags found on the four  suitcases.
Separately, a 42 year-old Dutch man expelled 18 packages of cocaine from his system by noon Saturday after being arrested at Larnaca Airport on Friday night.
He yesterday remained under police guard at Larnaca General Hospital's intensive care unit.
According to the police, the man arrived on a flight from Amsterdam without any luggage in spite of a tip-off he may be carrying drugs.
Following a search, the police asked the man to consent to being x-rayed, which he refused. He was arrested and taken to Larnaca General Hospital and the packages were discovered. He has been remanded in custody by Larnaca Court.


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