25 March 2014 14:32

NICOSIA - Six out of ten Cypriots never or seldom exercise or play sports with the majority of them being women, according to Eurobarometer’s results released on Monday.
Out of 500 face to face interviews carried out between November 23 and December 12 last year, 64% of Cypriots never or seldom exercise or play sport. And 57% of those not exercising are men and 72% are women.
In addition, 84% of Cypriots said they were not a member of any club, while 36% engaged in sport or physical activity at home and 33% in a park or outdoors.
And 30% said they exercised on the way between home and school or work or shops. Exercising at a health of fitness centre were 22%, 11 at work, 5% at a sport club and 4% at a sports centre.
Asked why they engaged in sport or physical activity, 73% of Cypriots said to improve their health and 48% to improve fitness. Forty three per cent wanted to relax, 19% to have fun, 34% to control their weight and 24% to improve their physical appearance.
In addition, 14% exercised so as to be with friends and 9% to counteract the effects of ageing.
On the main reason currently preventing them from practising sport more regularly, 49% said they did not have the time.
Moreover, 20% lacked motivation or were not interested, 11% had a disability or illness and 18% found it too expensive.
Five per cent said there was no suitable or accessible sport infrastructure close to where they live and 2% have no friends to do sports with.


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