26 March 2014 16:43

The revamped Piale Pasia Street on the Larnaca seafront is already the town's new hotspot for both locals and tourists, however problems for residents persist from construction work in the area that is still in its final stage.    
The 2.1km coastal road of Piale Pasia that runs from the Mediaeval Castle to McKenzie beach, has been upgraded to become more pedestrian friendly and attractive. The area includes a bike lane, a pedestrian walkway, new lighting, parking spaces, urban greenery and squares.
Street lighting and planting of flower beds are among the final touches expected to be added within the next few weeks.
The revamped area features the only seafront in Cyprus stretched out at a lower level than the road, giving the sense that pedestrians are walking on the surface of the sea.
There are about 20 caf├ęs, restaurants and bars in the area to include taverns that serve fresh seafood, Greek and international cuisine. There are also a number of kiosks and mini markets.
Shop owners are already benefiting from the flood of people who are visiting the revamped Piale Pasia and argue that the project will positively contribute towards the rejuvenation of the area as up until now, it was not a popular area compared to the more developed Phinikoudes.  
However, despite having become a local attraction, the town planning project on Piale Pasia that began in 2012 has caused many problems.
Larnaca Municipality is examining the various problems reported by residents and businesses.
Problems include that in the Mediaeval Castle area and the Militzi tavern there are no steps or a ramp for someone to be able to access the road from the walkway and visit the cafes and restaurants.  
Also that the road for cars is very narrow, a bus was reported to have already hit a concrete structure on the side of the road that aimed to prevent illegal parking.
Another problem is that the designated parking spots for delivery vans that supply shops with products are occupied by cars of residents, apart from three spots. As a result the vans have nowhere to park and often park in Phinikoudes and have to carry the heavy load of supplies to shops.
There are also issues concerning waste collection points. Apart from the fact that there has been no provision for their creation of these spots, waste collection services have to stop in the middle of the road to collect waste from restaurants and other businesses, often creating traffic congestion.   
Construction work at Piale Pasie is expected to be completed by July 25. More parking places are also expected to be created before July with one near the Turkish cinema for 17 spots, to help with the issue of parking for residents and visitors.


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