27 March 2014 09:28

A rare phenomenon, in perhaps a unique area in Cyprus, has, in the recent years, been taking place on Oroklini beach every winter, attracting the interest of both Cypriots and foreigners. From January to late March/ mid-April tide levels change. As a result the water level from the 'Lenios' area up until the tourist kiosk in Oroklini drops, at some points, up to half a metre. This phenomenon is mostly noticeable at the 'Lenios' bay, where the seawater level goes down even more.
Indicative of the phenomenon are photographs which capture a Larnaca District Administration sign headed "Attention, deep waters" isolated amongst rocks with no water surrounding it.
By the end of last week, when there were no winds blowing, one could walk from the beach up until the "Lenios" breakwater without wetting his feet.
According to the manager of the tourist kiosk in Oroklini, Mr Andreas, the phenomenon in the area began a few years ago when a series of breakwaters were built in the coastal area of Larnaca to address the erosion of the beach. In winter, he added, the combination of breakwaters in the direction of winds and strong sea currents present in the sea is a unique phenomenon.
Also, because of the phenomenon, in winter fish pull back behind the breakwaters, with the opposite occurring in the summer, while the seagulls convert the large lagoon created into an ideal feeding area. Concluding, Mr Andreas pointed out that in a few weeks, when the south-westerly winds will replace the northwest winter winds, and the water levels will gradually return to normal. And this is a sign that winter has passed and summer is arriving.


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