27 March 2014 16:49

The high cost of taxi services, smoking in taxis, delays due to traffic and no proper taxi depots in city centres are some of the most common complaints expressed by commuters, according to a research by intercity public transport services.    
Even though, due to the financial crisis, the cost of hiring a taxi has been reduced, demand for taxis has also decreased. According to the study, in the last five years taxi demand has continuously decreased with a reduction of up to 50%.
The research was conducted under the iniative of the Public Works Department aimed at taking of measures in order to make transportation more effective for commuters who travel between towns.
The most common routes were found to be Nicosia - Larnaca and Nicosia- Larnaca Airport while Nicosia- Famagusta and Limassol -Famagusta were also popular.
The average cost for taxi hire between towns on the island depends on the route and ranges from €44.30 to €110. The most common reasons for taxi hire include getting to work, getting to university/school or college-for educational purposes, social reasons and also for leisure.
Many taxi drivers support that in order to resolve the problems that occur from low demand there should be a reduction in the number of taxi licences issued and a monitoring mechanism for better control of those eligible to receive a licence.
They also suggested that they receive funding for fuel and that more taxi depots are created. Taxi drivers added that they support the creation of bus lanes given that taxis are also able to use them, and that taxis are given space at bus route end points to provide an alternative method of transportation when there is no bus service.


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