29 March 2014 10:32

There are currently 20 cabarets in Cyprus that employ 400 female employees compared with 108 cabarets and 400 workers in 2007. The Cyprus Gender Equality Observatory (CGEO) said on Thursday the decrease in number is likely due to human traffickers finding new ways to exploit women.

The CGEO also welcomed a bill proposal tabled before Parliament that aims to give police the power to go after clients of trafficking victims and not just their pimps. In addition, the bill seeks to amend regulations to offer better protection to victims of trafficking and their children.  
According to the CGEO, based on Eurostat figures for 2008-2010, human trafficking in Europe is on the increase.
The percentage of child victims of trafficking is close to 15% for the above mentioned period. The vast majority of all victims (80%) are female and 20% of the victims are male.
A clear majority (61%) of the identified and presumed victims come from EU member states. The percentage of male EU citizens trafficked within the EU is 74% and the percentage of female EU citizens trafficked in the EU is 66%.  The percentage of identified and presumed victims from non-EU countries is increasing over the three years, from 12% in 2008 to 37% in 2010 for the male victims, and from 18% to 39% for the female victims," said the CGEO.


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