29 March 2014 10:34

Non-profit organisation Anakyklos Perivallontiki - which redistributes unwanted clothing and recycles textiles - has announced the start of a new campaign encouraging people to donate clothes and other items to people in need.
According to an Anakyklos Perivallontiki announcement, the campaign, entitled 'All of Cyprus collects and offers up!', aims at collecting as many clothes as possible in cooperation with hundreds of participating organisations from around Cyprus.
It will run from April 2 until June 30, hoping to encourage at least 500 participating organisations to collect 150 tonnes of clothing expected to bring in at least €40,000 to help those in need, including participating charities. Schools, foundations representing people with special needs, food banks, charities, associations representing people battling illness, cultural and sport societies, private companies and the media have all been asked to collect clothing on site.
Anakyklos will then pick up the items and share any resulting income with the participating charitable organisations or the charity organisation of other participants' choice.
According to Anakyklos, some of the clothing will be given for free to destitute families through the organisation's charity shops as well as delivered directly to them through the Social Welfare Services, community authorities and other organisations. This is something Anakyklos has always done since it was established.
As well as clothing, the public is also requested to donate shoes, linen, bags and belts. "A smaller scale effort began in 2013 bringing in 141 organisations including 69 schools, 19 food banks, churches and other centres supporting vulnerable groups, 16 community welfare councils and other community agencies such as multiuse centres, 15 foundations and 22 associations representing people with illnesses along with other organisations," Anakyklos said. It added that a parallel aim of the campaign was to make the public more aware of the need for community solidarity during the crisis, along with the need to reuse and recycle for the sake of the environment.
"This campaign, and its repetition in the future, could significantly improve the percentage of reused and recycled clothing in Cyprus to help us reach the level of other countries," Anakyklos noted.
Anakyklos' Nicosia charity shop is situated at 10, Costaki Pantelidi St. (22666095) and the one in Limassol at 42, Karatza St. (22340632). Visit www.anakyklos.org or the official Facebook page or call 99722124 for more information.


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