31 March 2014 07:20

LARNACA - Two friends travelling on a busy highway earlier this week saved a puppy from a terrible fate.
Having been tied up in a bag and abandoned on the Larnaca to Nicosia highway, the puppy was rescued by two young men, Alex Pavlimbey and Nicolas Koumallos after they saw the bag “walking” on the highway and stopped to investigate.
Pavlimbey and Koumallos filmed the Thursday rescue including the moving moment when the puppy emerged from the bag. The dog is thought to be a Beagle cross and around four to five months old.
Viewers of the video can hear the rescuers saying: “Look at the humanity of the Cypriots, (he was) thrown on the side of the road to be got rid of, in a bag.”
The two men opened the bag in the trunk of their car concerned the terrified puppy would run onto the highway when they released him.
Except for a bump on the head thought to have been caused when he was thrown from his abandoner’s car, the puppy, which appears to be in good health in spite of his ordeal, Pavlimbey says.
The puppy is currently in an Aradippou Dog Shelter foster home, awaiting a permanent one.
The videos of the rescue can be seen on Alex Pavlibey’s Facebook page – it has prompted widespread outrage amongst local animal welfare organisations and pet lovers.
Among the many comments were calls for animal police to be created, something animal welfare groups in Cyprus have long been calling for.
The puppy rescue comes amid a series of cruelty cases over the last few months including but not limited to a dog being dragged to death behind his owner’s car on Christmas Day 2013. There is also the sad case in Paphos reported on today’s Pet’s page.


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