01 April 2014 10:23

The Green Party have expressed disappointment after recently visiting the European nature protection areas Natura 2000 situated on the boundaries of communities Denia and Kokkinotrimithia, along with  Denia community leader, Christakis Panayiotou.
"It was with sadness that it was noted that the area has been transformed into a vast wasteland. All sorts of rubbish 'decorate' the habitat in a region which is being plagued by uncontrolled dumping of rubbish from unscrupulous people. A lot of garbage on location betrays their origin seen as it is waste from neighbouring farms. There is also however, rubbish deriving from demolition and construction of houses as well as garbage from houses, plastic etc," added the announcement.
The area in question is characterised by its vibrant vegetation and panoramic views of the plains of western Messaoria.
 In their announcement, the Green Party urged the competent authorities (Community Councils, Environment Department, District Administration) to clean the area from garbage immediately.
"Otherwise this issue will be reported to the European Union, since this particular space is below a European system of protection of Nature," it concluded.


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