01 April 2014 14:05

Chair of the English School’s board, Magda Nicholson, yesterday dismissed as untrue a report that the children of board member’s were being given preferential treatment.
Speaking to The Cyprus Daily, Nicholson also said the board would be meeting to discuss the possibility of taking legal action against the newspaper in which the offending column appeared.
According to The Sunday Mail’s ‘Tales from the Coffeeshop’ column, board members “had decided that their kids would be given a place in the school even if they flunked the entrance exam.”
Naming Nicholson, the column claimed she had proposed board members be given a 50% discount on their children’s tuition fees.
“It is all lies and I wonder how they went so far as to mention my name when I never said anything like that,” Nicholson told The Cyprus Daily yesterday, adding that board meeting minutes existed to prove what had actually been said.
She said attacks against the board “have gone too far,” adding that no one from The Sunday Mail had contacted her.
“They should have at least called to see what we said,” Nicholson said, adding: “this is a matter that the board will be discussing, to see if and how we can take legal action.”
“I call on anyone with proof backing up what the paper has written to come forward.”
Nicholson also dismissed recent reports on a local news website that the English School was being excluded from the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference, due to the departure of its current head teacher Graham Gamble.


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