01 April 2014 18:15

One of the most important and now neglected specimens of the cultural heritage of Paphos, the windmill found on a private piece of land in the heart of the city, behind the Municipal Garden has become yet another victim of the financial crisis.

Although the windmill, one of the few to remain standing in Cyprus today, is not considered an ancient monument in order to come within the jurisdiction of the Department of Antiquities.
It is nevertheless considered a representative sample of the cultural heritage which is why Paphos Municipality launched procedures in recent years to expropriate the site to conserve the monument, and anticipate potential action by the owners to develop land in which it is located.
But because of the cash crunch, Paphos Municipality has  stopped expropriation proceedings as it does not have the the  funds to compensate the owners.
An informed source confirmed the information noting that the matter is now in the hands of the state and in particular the Planning Department.
"This Department should now intervene to expropriate the space to preserve a clear and unique example of the cultural heritage of Paphos and Cyprus in general," the source said.
"Although the Antiquities Department has no jurisdiction, since it is not officially ancient monument, it could intervene in placing the Paphos windmill in Table II where there are many other important buildings not recognised as ancient monuments."
The latest development as regards the Paphos windmill comes as a public debate is underway about the town's monuments in view also of the Capital of Culture in 2017.


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