03 April 2014 12:24

Disy MP Prodromos Prodromou, former Akel MP Aristofanis Georgiou and ex-Disy MP Sophocles Hadjiyiannis were named yesterday in relation to a House Institutions Committee probe on the economy.
The three were implicated into allegations of having their loans written-off or receiving preferential treatment.
But they have provided legitimate justification for their loan arrangements with the banks, committee chairman Demetris Syllouris said.
According to Syllouris, who revealed the names, an investigation carried out by the committee probing the collapse of the banking sector found that the collective amount of €120,000 had been written-off from the loan balances of the three. They refuted any preferential treatment.
Syllouris said however that all three have denied claims of favourable treatment and have provided the committee with written explanations and details regarding the settlements made with the banks.
“It should not be assumed by society that three or five people are responsible for the collapse of the economy,” Syllouris said, adding that the investigation should not be overshadowed by populism.
“I will avoid having blame attributed in a populist manner to people who are not responsible, because this is what my ethics and sense of responsibility dictate,” Syllouris said.
Commenting on the explanations provided by the three politicians Syllouris gave assurances that “more people will come forward with explanations and the committee will have to evaluate and judge whether we want to give emphasis on those who robbed the banks or a few names that were sent in the framework of a typical procedure”.
The Institutions Committee will decide on April 8 whether the final report will include names before it is sent to the Legal Service.
The chairman said that names should not be included in the conclusions in order not to provide arguments for possible suspects who will be vindicated in lengthy legal proceedings.
Syllouris also said that the report which was leaked to the press was a draft.
“I personally should have been very cautious with concern to the names before the final decision of the Institutions Committee was made, independently of my personal opinion”.
He also stressed that the committee has information with names not only in relation to deleted loans but also the outflow of cash abroad, favourable loans and low-interest loans among others.
However, the committee does not have adequate information and a special inquiry must be launched, he said.
Syllouris said that it would be frivolous and unfair on his part to publicise all the names that were sent to the committee without a thorough examination of all the evidence, as in many cases legitimate justification can be provided.


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