04 April 2014 15:48

President Anastasiades has received the understanding of the UN Secretary General over the bumpy path of the recently-launched new Cyprus dialogue aiming to reunite the island.

But the President, who met Ban Ki-moon in Brussels late on Wednesday (photo), also said that he left room for optimism. And that his intention was not to engage in a blame game.
"I have to admit that the Secretary-General, who appeared to be fully aware of the problems, showed understanding," Anastasiades said.
"My intention was to correct impressions created by statements that do not correspond to reality, without this meaning that a negative attitude is being conveyed on our part," he added.
Anastasiades also said that the UN-brokered dialogue is still at its initial stage.  And - without getting into a blame game - he had only elaborated on divergences observed even in the joint communiqué which kick-started the process.
The controversial communiqué highlights the key principles of a federated Cyprus.
At the same time, a UN spokesperson on Thursday said the UN chief had urged the President to maintain the current momentum in the talks which resumed on February 11.
And that the two men had agreed on the importance of implementing mutual confidence-building measures on the island.
The spokesperson also said that Ban and Anastasiades discussed the current state of play and the way forward in the talks for a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus issue.
Anastasiades went a step further telling journalists that he had reiterated to the UN chief that CBMs would contribute significantly in changing the prevailing feeling of mistrust between the two communities.
The President was specifically referring to his proposal for the ghost town of Famagusta to be returned to its lawful Greek Cypriot inhabitants under EU and UN supervision.
Anastasiades also touched on his request for a greater EU role in the peace process and said: "I did not omit to repeat that it is of great importance for everybody - both the Turkish Cypriots, as well as the UN - to understand the upgraded role Europe has to play".
And he added: "The desired Cyprus solution, after all, is the evolution of the Republic of Cyprus into a federal state, which will be at the same time an EU member state."
He then explained that after the talks' initial stage is concluded, both sides will submit proposals.
The second stage will involve a more detailed screening of those proposals and if the two sides are close to an overall settlement, then a 'give-and-take' process will round up the process.


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