05 April 2014 10:44

An ICU specialist is expected to arrive from Greece to examine 19-year-old Andreas Doulapas, an underwater destruction squad conscript who was injured on Thursday when a grenade exploded in his hand during a routine military exercise.
According to a medical announcement released on Friday morning, Doulapas has undergone surgery for injuries to his right hand, which was blown off at the wrist, as well as his chest and abdomen.
Doctors said that he is currently sedated and intubated in the ICU. His condition was characterised as 'critical but under control'.
Meanwhile, the announcement said that 38-year-old officer Athos Yiannakou, who was also injured in the blast, was admitted to hospital with multiple wounds to the front of his body.
He is being treated in the surgical unit at LGH in stable condition.


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