08 April 2014 16:58

Get out your umbrellas – although the last few days have felt like summer has come early cooler weather is expected from Tuesday along with some rain and even storms.
According to the Weather Service’s official forecast, the skies will on Tuesday be more overcast than Monday with a great chance of localised showers and isolated storms.
The winds will blow South West to West but not be very strong initially, starting off at three to four Beaufort before growing to a stronger five Beaufort in the afternoon.
The sea will be a bit rough this morning, becoming rougher as the day progress. Temperatures are expected to reach 23 °C inland, around 21 °C on the coast and 15 °C in the mountains. These are several degrees lower than yesterday’s highs of 29°C inland, 24°C and 25°C on the coasts and 21°C in the mountains and Sunday’s temperatures of 27°C inland, 24°C on the coast and 21°C in the mountains.
On Wednesday and Thursday, the outlook will become even more overcast bringing isolated rain and storms. Temperatures will stay at similar levels as today.
Air quality around Cyprus on Monday, meanwhile, was according to the Weather Service at ‘moderate’ levels due to dust in the atmosphere.


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