10 April 2014 09:54

 A House Institutions Committee report on the reasons behind the collapse of the banking system and economic meltdown will be discussed at the plenary on April 28.
MPs on Tuesday discussed whether the names of those involved will be included in the final report.
A leaked draft of the report caused a storm of reaction as it was revealed that the names of individuals involved in the probe had been removed from the text.
Committee chairman Demetris Syllouris later revealed the names of three politicians as being implicated in allegations of having their loans written off or receiving preferential treatment.
However he said the three provided legitimate justification for their dealings with the banks while others were also wrongly named.
Disy is in favour of revealing the names and requested that issues such as Cyprus’ loan from Russia and the government’s internal borrowing from semi-government organisations during the previous administration are included.
Opposition Akel said that the names included in the lists are not relevant to the investigation.


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