10 April 2014 07:39

The Game Services is anticipating significant losses in hunting relating revenues this year as the effects of the economic crisis continue to take their toll on the economy and people’s lives. During an examination of the services 2014 budget before the House Finance Committee, it was stated that revenues from the sale of shotgun hunting licences are expected to fetch a mere €3.5 million this year compared to €5.8m yielded in 2013.
According to the data presented, in 2013 the services generated €4.5m from the sale of shotgun licences alone. Revenues from poaching fines are also expected to be down in 2014 reaching an estimated €155,000. The committee also heard that the services this year will be spending a significant portion of their yearly budget on the policing of protected nature zones while approximately €213,000 will be spent on fuel and maintenance of its fleet of vehicles.
Additionally, the services each year spend some €120,000 on the purchase of partridges from the private sector.
The services stated that this year they will also be using subsidies from the Ministry of Interior to create protected zones for wild poultry as part of Cyprus environmental commitments to the EU.


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