11 April 2014 09:29

Newly appointed Minister of Defence Christoforos Fokaides expressed satisfaction on Thursday with the completion of the multinational search and Rescue (SAR) exercise ‘Nemesis 2014’
The drill which began on Wednesday took place in an area between Cyprus and Israel’s Exclusive Economic Zone and included participation of air and naval forces from Cyprus, Israel, Greece and the US.
Thursday’s exercise scenario involved countering terrorist attacks on ships and oil rigs.
Speaking to the media, Fokaides said he was thoroughly satisfied with the excellent preparation of the exercise, noting that it confirmed the adequacy and professionalism of National Guard members and all services involved.
“We will not spare any territory or the least responsibility in relation to issues that concern the sovereignty of the country,” said the minister. “The exercise has given us the possibility of evaluating the readiness of services of the Republic of Cyprus which is surely at a high level.”


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