12 April 2014 11:20

First Lady Andri Anastasiades on Thursday released a Land Registry evaluation to prove that she was not given preferential treatment by the Church in a real estate purchase.
"If the total land area of the two plots I bought is estimated, then it all adds up to 1739 square metres. And their estimated value from the Land Registry does not exceed €495,615," Andri Anastasiades said in a statement.
"After negotiations which I personally had carried out, it was agreed that the final price should be €500,000, including the interest for the rest of the amount to be paid in monthly installments," she added.
She said that based on evaluations by the Land Registry of Limassol the property is estimated between €470,000 and €522,000.
"From the charts that I have attached, I want to believe that whatever comments of political content that followed the relevant report were based on ignorance of the real facts and not on an intention to politically exploit the issue," she said.
Archbishop Chrysostomos yesterday defended the recent sale of a prime piece of property in Limassol belonging to the Church to the First Lady.
But opposition parties continued to criticise the transaction arguing that it maybe legal but nonetheless unethical.
"There is nothing unethical about it. The plot of land is next to the family home of the President and Mrs Anastasiades had first asked whether it could be rented out so that the security detail of the President would be sheltered temporarily," Chrysostomos said.
"I said it would not be proper for the Church to receive rent money from the President. Then she enquired if she could buy it, without ever asking for any preferential treatment.
"And this is much to her honour," he added.
Daily Phileleftheros - which had a copy of the purchase agreement - reported that the First Lady bought the prime plot at a discounted price.
The plot in Limassol's most affluent residential areas went for €500,000, payable in monthly instalments.
The deal was at a much lower price than that estimated by property surveyors, the paper said.
The 1,739 square metres land at Mesovounia area in Yermasoyia was bought on February 3, 2014, at the price of €500,000.  But the estimated price by property evaluators put it at nearer €870,000.
The agreement signed by the Archbishop as the seller and Andri Anastasiades as the buyer provides for 75 monthly interest-free payments.
There was a down payment of €40,000 with an additional €160,000 to be paid by the end of April. Monthly payments were set at €4,000.


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