15 April 2014 08:34

Some years ago the state purchased a floating boat anchorage to be used for the process of transporting water from Greece by shi, in times of drought. Now, the boat anchorage is not in use but remains guarded by the Cyprus Ports Authority.
Very soon the anchorage will be transferred to the harbour of Kato Paphos where it will be placed permanently, to be used for the needs of cruise ships coming to Paphos.
This information was confirmed by Paphos Mayor Savvas Vergas, who said that the development, finalised earlier this week, was an initiative of the new Minister of Communications Marios Demetriades. Under a proposal by Demetriades already accepted by the Ports Authority and the Water Department who were involved in the case of the transfer of water from Greece and the purchase of the anchorage, the anchorage will actually be purchased by a department determined by the intergovernmental Ministry of Communications and will be transferred to the harbour of Kato Paphos in order to solve the chronic problem of cruises being unable to include Paphos in their programmes.
The Mayor of Paphos, Savvas Vergas, welcomed this development saying it would contribute to developing a kind of tourism absent from Paphos and will be an attraction to bring higher net worth tourism to Paphos.
The objective is to operate the anchorage and serve cruise ships this year
"The requests for a floating anchorage in Paphos in order to satisfy the many requests of cruise organisers to integrate Paphos on the map of nautical tourism has finally been met thanks to our Minister of Communications and Works," said Savvas Vergas. "The boat anchorage which has already been purchased by the government will be transferred to the harbour of Kato Paphos, possibly this summer, to serve cruised directly."


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