15 April 2014 13:37

The pedestrianisation of 49 roads or part of them as well as turning five roads into one-way streets is being promoted by the Nicosia Municipality in order to embellish the areas in which these roads are found. The issue of pedestrianisation and one-ways has already been raised before the Municipal Council. If the proposed changes are approved, the project will be executed gradually and depending on the financial capacities of the municipality. The needs of road users and residents of the areas affected will also be taken into consideration.
So far, roads that have been pedestrianised are limited to mainly Ledra-Onasagorou streets, Laiki Yitonia and parts of the Chrysaliniotissa areas in Nicosia.
Some of these areas were neglected for years and initially, when they were pedetrianised, there were strong objections especially in Ledra-Onasagorou where shopkeepers felt that scrapping cars would sound the death knell for their businesses. Some did not survive, particularly in the face of competition from shopping centres, but the area was quick to gain new life with the walled city of Nicosia now particularly popular attracting thousands of people on a daily basis.
The pedestrianisation of Ledra-Onasagorou also benefited some of the adjacent streets and some argue that the proposed pedestrianisation of parallel streets along with other arrangements will have beneficial effects for the walled city.
The revitalisation of the walled city is the basic philosophy of the Nicosia Master Plan. The plan provides for combined operations in different parts of the Old Town of Nicosia, which are believed to constitute the basis for lasting rejuvenation.

Suggested one-ways
The roads proposed to be converted to one-ways are as follows:
1.  Inversion of one-way direction of Dimonaktos Street towards Odysseos Street
2. One-way direction for Pnitagorou Street towards Theseus Street
3. One-way direction for the whole of Pentadaktylou Street towards Ermou Street
4. One-way direction for Tethlasmenis Street towards Talou Street
5. Reverse of one-way direction of Platia Dimarchias Street towards Diogenous Street


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